40 day Online Program!

**Calling men and ladies who are worried about staying healthy and enjoying the summer holidays**


Thinking there’s no way of getting to the gym during the holidays so in September it'll be like starting all over again?


Worried and wondering how on earth that weight is going to stay off during the school holidays?


It’s difficult to keep up with staying healthy when kids are home and days out include the wrong choices of food.


Lots of our clients felt exactly the same before jumping on one of our online programs where you can  'Enjoy the summer holidays with your kids while staying healthy'.


What if there was a ticket with your nameon it to an online program with experts who can teach you exactly how to stay healthy during the 6 week break?


You don't need to worry about having time to get to a session, you can workout from the comfort of your own home. Learn from two women who have been through dozens of school holidays with their own children and have found ways to stay positive and keep a healthy diet but also enjoy treats on days out. You'll be in great company with us because we totally understand your concerns about lasting the 6 weeks!


The first step to joining our program is to click the link below, chose your package and we'll send you all the information to get started!


We have done the hard work of testing what works and refining our methods over many years, you just get to reap the rewards!!


Imagine getting through the holidays and enjoying the freedom of treating yourself, staying stress free and keeping the lbs off. How would that feel?


This is a limited offer, so join us and 'Enjoy the summer holidays with your kids while staying healthy'.




  • Weekly LIVE, non time consuming workout videos with a Personal Trainer (who's also a mum of 3) that you can follow at home to keep your weight off.

  • Optional top quality supplements to give you more energy to fully enjoy and have fun with your children.

  • Live mindset videos with a coach, providing tips to help stay positive during the 6 week break, which can sometimes get stressful!

  • A meal plan that you can follow 80% of the time so that you can enjoy some treats the rest of the time.

Standard 40 Day (starting Monday 23rd July)

Package includes, access to a secret group with othe people on the program. 1 FB live work out video a week with Clare, 1 FB Live Q&A/Mindset Video with Sandra (either can be watched later). Meal plan with recipes, constant fb support in fb group.

£1.75 per day!


Optimum 40 Day (starting Monday 23rd July)

Package includes, as above plus 40 health pack nutrition supplements, protein shake powder (chocolate or vanilla) for 40 days.

£4.20 a day including a meal a day!!!

Total £168.22 (£85 to pay today and £83.22 when products are ordered).

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40 Day Online Program

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