Lift Lean 21 Day Online Program

Lift Lean is a program design specifically for mid life women who:


  1. Don’t have time to go to the gym or an exercise class

  2. Know that weight training is massively important but have no idea what to do

  3. Can spare 5-10 mins every day to have a weight training workout

  4. Want to eat better but again, struggle to find the right type of ‘diet’

  5. Need support, encouragement and motivation but can’t commit to a live meeting/group because you don’t have time!


If this is you (or even some of it is you) then Lift Lean is what you need!


What you get:


  • You’ll be added to a closed Facebook group which is where we will create a ‘community’ of like minded women.

  • Each day, there will be a 5-10min weight training workout video for you to follow (some live, some prerecorded.) *you’ll need to invest in a few small items of equipment (but they will be worth the investment!)

  • You’ll be given nutritional information and recipes to follow.

  • I’ll share mindset tips and coaching to help you get out of a rut or to stop you talking yourself out of working out!


The cost is £47 for 21 days but we’re doing an early bird price of £37 if you sign up before 12noon on Friday 7th June. you’ll learn so much that you’ll be able to continue to workout afterwards at home with the routines you learn!


We start on Monday 24th June but as soon as you sign up, you’ll get a link to our facebook group so you can start receiving information straight away!


You’ll need to invest in a 4 or 6 kg kettlebell and a pair of dumbbells (3 or 4 kgs) but these are fantastic pieces of equipment you can use at home even after the program ends!


If you'd like to purchase, just hop on to your Clubright app, click 'buy' and scroll down to Online Programs (remember, the early bird price expires on Friday 7th June at 12noon!) Or click this link and follow the instructions above.


Once purchased, please check your receipt (it’ll be sent by email) at the bottom you’ll see a link to click on and join our closed Facebook group… see you there!



Success Stories:


Dee - Lee-On-Solent, Hampshire

“Workout Done ✅. I warm up whilst feeding the dogs! (jog around the kitchen throwing my arms around! ?) I then do my work out and stretch before getting in shower... slots into my routine nicely. The spicy butternut squash soup is to die for!”


Mandy - Evesham

”I know I wasn't supposed to do this but after not giving into my chocolate craving yesterday I had to see if the week had been worth it so I stood on the scales. And I've lost 7 lbs and now a lb under the next stone. So I tried a pair of trousers on for work I have not worn for 2 years and am happily wearing them to work this morning. Happy lady bring it on x thanks Clare xx”

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