A class created for Fascia Fitness of the body. Combining Pilates core moves and applying Myofascial principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions and restructure the body. Enhancing movement, undoing muscular restrictions, enabling the body to feel free to cope with it's functional requirement.

This class attracts all, from the elite fit to the post rehab person. Fascia restrictions occur in everyone, whatever their activtiy or level of fitness. 

Why come to a Trigger Point Pilates™ Workshop or Class?


Many of us now undertake high intensity exercise on a regular basis. We run, we do CrossFit, we lift weight. This can create muscular imbalances, stress on the body and often injuries and/or chronic pain. We live our lives in front of a screen, standing or sitting still for prolonged periods. All of this leaves us sore, injured or with restrictions in our movement.

During the session you will discover how to undo muscular restrictions, enhance Functional Movement and learn exercises that help treat Myofascial pain. Does any of this ring true?

  • Pilates, Yoga and core training are great but how do you release a body from inside out?

  • How can you as a student move with ease through an exercise series when you are in pain or chronically tight in the lower back, upper back and or neck?

  • How can you move when you feel constant muscle tension and back pain due to your life style?

  • Nagging pain stops you from moving and instead you feel like you tense up!

  • How can you release when you have a constant deep buttock pain or pain deep inside between the shoulder blades from a free weights class, HIIT or Spin™ class?

  • How can you recover more quickly post rehab or after an injury or operation?


During a class, you will learn to use a foam roller, prickle balls and resistance balls to trigger points of the body to release and relax.You will feel the muscular tesion easing out, you will release facia which is like a cling film covering every muscle and joint in the body. Release facia and your muscles will lengthen and joints loosen. 


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