Fit In 5, 28 Day Online Program

Fit in 5 is a program design specifically for mid life women who:


  1. Don’t have time to go to the gym or an exercise class

  2. Know that exercise is massively important but have no idea what to do

  3. Can spare 5-10 mins every day to have a workout

  4. Want to eat better but again, struggle to find the right type of ‘diet’

  5. Need support, encouragement and motivation but can’t commit to a live meeting/group because you don’t have time!


If this is you (or even some of it is you) then Fit In 5 is what you need!


What you get:


  • You’ll be added to a closed Facebook group which is where we will create a ‘community’ of like minded women.

  • Each day, there will be a 5-10min workout video for you to follow (*you’ll need to invest in a few small items of equipment but they will be worth the investment!)

  • You’ll be given LOADS of nutritional information and recipes to follow.


Success Stories:


Dee - Lee-On-Solent, Hampshire

“Workout Done ✅. I warm up whilst feeding the dogs! (jog around the kitchen throwing my arms around! ?) I then do my work out and stretch before getting in shower... slots into my routine nicely. The spicy butternut squash soup is to die for!”


Mandy - Evesham

”I know I wasn't supposed to do this but after not giving into my chocolate craving yesterday I had to see if the week had been worth it so I stood on the scales. And I've lost 7 lbs and now a lb under the next stone. So I tried a pair of trousers on for work I have not worn for 2 years and am happily wearing them to work this morning. Happy lady bring it on x thanks Clare xx”

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